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Improve Your Cash Flow

We Offer

  • First Two Letters if They Result in a Payment
  • Individual business managers to ensure customer satisfaction and personal attention
  • Ledger Management Services as and when required
  • Cost effective billing alternatives
  • Continual commitment to staff development/ improvement
  • Management commitment to fostering long-term relationships

Protecting What Is Important

“Your Cash Flow”

It is a well known fact that even the most profitable

business can fail because of lack of cash flow.

It is also a well known fact that the older the debt

outstanding on your books the harder it is to collect

By allowing the team from the Swift Collections to monitor

and manage your slow debts

you can minimise your losses from bad debts , enjoy

a healthier cash flow and prosper by using the

Swift Collections Fast Debt Recovery to collect your debts.

Remember Our Policy regarding Fees is!


Ring (02) 4954 0122 NOW

Our In-house Legal Team

Plus Law Pty Ltd

Unlike many debt collectors who use outside lawyers to handle the ongoing legal process of debt collection our in-house lawyers, Plus Law Pty Ltd

who work out of the same offices and with whom our CEO is also a solicitor, can continue with the collection of a debt through the due process of law without

interuption of the chain of events.This ensures that, upon receipt of instructions to commence legal proceedings, a matter continues to flows without disruption.

This link with Plus Law Pty Ltd allows clients of Swift Collections

to have access to other areas of law if they so require.